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The company "Internet Tikshoret" has been specializing in working with information web systems for many years and is ready to offer favorable conditions for completing any task.

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"Internet Tikshoret" is a modern innovative company aimed at improving business efficiency through powerful automation.

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Our automation super team includes programmers, consultants, support specialists, project managers, and leaders. We always maintain an atmosphere of honesty.

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A stable and successful business requires a well-established automated system to manage its business processes or web projects effectively. However, any system or web application needs maintenance, timely troubleshooting, and professional customization to fit specific needs. Hiring a full-time programmer and paying them on a permanent basis is not necessary to address current tasks related to consulting, visualization, design, testing, process improvement, or software maintenance. The most cost-effective solution is to turn to a reliable and experienced company that has a team of selected and qualified programmers capable of handling any task or problem at a high level.


For many years, "Internet Tikshoret" has specialized in working with information systems and possesses extensive experience in selecting UX/UI specialists who can participate in creating new products or assisting in refining those already in operation (digital product interfaces, mobile and web applications, websites, and other software). "Internet Tikshoret" is ready to offer favorable conditions for completing any task.


Here's how it works:

1. You provide us with your task or current project.
2. We offer you several optimal options for its execution.
3. We calculate the final cost based on the number of hours required.
4. We agree on a convenient payment scheme with you.
5. We sign a contract outlining the workflow process.
6. We complete the task within the specified timeframe.
7. You approve the work upon completion of all the tasks you have set.

Our qualified team of interface designers, software developers, testers, and system administrators always ready to help optimize your unique product.

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Do you need a unique software solution for your company? We know how to help you!

Latest Projects

In our portfolio, you can review new projects optimized for our clients for various corporate purposes. Our skilled team is always ready to provide you with professional interface designers and software developers.

Designing the user interface

The utilization of our UI/UX designers in designing the user interface for a branded restaurant in the Netherlands.
1. User research
2. Concept creation and prototyping
3. Information architecture
4. Visual design
5. Creating user experience
6. Testing and analysis

Optimizing the application

Optimizing the application for a major company specializing in the sale and delivery of animal feed in England. The optimization of the application for the mobile version included a series of actions taken by programmers to ensure efficient operation and user-friendliness on mobile devices. Here are several key steps that were taken to optimize the application for mobile platforms:
1. Adaptive design
2. Image optimization
3. File minification and merging
4. Performance optimization
5. Testing on various devices
6. Additionally, programmers utilized various tools and technologies such as caching.


Optimization of the client administration panel for a well-known music label website in England Here are several key steps that the programmers have taken to optimize the client administration panel:
1.Performance improvement
2. User-friendly interface and navigation
3. Role-based system and access control
4.Mobile device support
5. Optimization of data handling.

Testing a web application

Testing a web application for bugs and errors for a cryptocurrency company. Here are several steps that the test engineers took to test the web application:
1. Test plan development.
2. Functionality testing.
3. Compatibility testing.
4. Security testing.
5. Performance testing.
6. Bug registration and tracking.

Security assessment

Our system administrators conducted a security assessment of a private detective agency web application in Germany using the following methods and tools:
1. Vulnerability scanners
2. Manual inspection
3. Penetration testing
4. Security auditing
5. Participation in penetration testing
6. System updates and monitoring.

Reworking a modeling agency

Reworking a modeling agency website in America. Transforming a website into a web application was achieved through various approaches and technologies. Here are several steps that the programmers took to convert the website into a web application:
1. Utilizing Progressive Web Apps (PWA).
2. Employing hybrid development frameworks such as React Native, Flutter, and Ionic.
3. Wrapping the website within a native container.
4. Creating responsive design.
5. Integrating with native features.
6. Converting a website into a web application may require additional modifications and optimizations.

Code Review

Our team of programmers is checking the correctness of the code for a successful casino website in France.
1. Frontend (client-side)
2. Backend (server-side)
3. Databases
4. Security and payment systems.

Designing and testing

The utilization of our UI/UX designers in designing the user interface for a trading network in England, specifically for ordering flowers, where usability is as important as the visual appearance.
1. User research
2. Concept creation and prototyping
3. Information architecture
4. Visual design
5. Creating user experience
6. Testing and analysis

Web Portal Development

Building a website for vacation home rentals requires an attractive and functional platform for potential clients. Our company has developed a product and currently provides technical support.

Years of Experience

"Internet Tikshoret" is a team of experienced specialists who will select designers and application developers for you and help create or optimize unique software for you.

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Fast communication with competent specialists through any convenient method. Request processing within 3 business hours. Personalized approach to client issues.


"ACTUAL TECH" - a modern innovative company aimed at enhancing business efficiency through powerful automation and product optimization.


The most convenient format of system support nowadays is subscription-based service, which ensures the daily operational functionality of the software product.


We offer flexible prices, quality service, and a professional team of specialists.

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Alex Burla

Regular client

"Internet Tikshoret" offers a wide range of resources. They have become our true business partners over the past three years.

Roberta Grey

Regular client

Thanks to "Internet Tikshoret", we now have a competent team for developing products for banking services. The team has achieved results within budget and time constraints, which is remarkable.

Tomer Edelman

Regular client

"Internet Tikshoret" is a highly skilled and unique company with many talented professionals. We have collaborated on several different projects that have been highly successful.

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